NTS 2000 has operated business since 1999. During that time here are some of our top accomplishments.

  • Oversaw bid preparation and ultimately was selected and received contracts for both Republican and Democratic Conventions during 2000, 2004, 2006 and 2008
  • Handled support for up to twenty Business Week Editorial and Online Work Area Group personnel
  • Trained up to fifteen employees per training session on the use of new systems, hardware and applications
  • Coordinated a wide range of projects for clients which included McGraw-Hill, dentists, pharmaceutical and media service companies
  • Eliminated data being compromised and allowed for secure continuous connections through the implementation of cutting edge encryption technologies such as tunneling
  • Guided and directed teams that collaborated with globally renown  companies and clients such as Covad, PCCW (ISP), Verizon and X/O Communications
  • Repaired PC’s in-house and coordinated for external printer support which was above in-house support capabilities or in accordance to the terms of the service agreement
  • Managed supported computers via cutting edge remote linkages and successfully provided the quick fix